Administrative Division

Captain Jeff Lance(1)Lead by Captain Jeff Lance, the Administration Division manages state certification, crime analysis, evidence, records, office of professional standards, code enforcement and probation. All the units within the division are dedicated to the day-to-day internal functions of the department to better the department's services for our citizens and visitors.

HSPD greatly benefits from Captain Lance’s extensive law enforcement career which exceeds three decades. During his time with HSPD, he has served the residents and visitors of Holly Springs in the Uniform Patrol Division, ultimately becoming a Field Training Officer. As he was promoted through the ranks, he transferred to the Administrative Division where

Roles & Responsibilities of the Administrative Division

Accreditation & Certification
Responsible for ensuring that the department’s policies and practices reflect current state certification standards while addressing the needs of the department and the city.

Crime Analysis
Responsible for maintaining, analyzing, and distributing information which includes incident reports, accident reports, crime data and traffic data. The Crime Analysis Office identifies patterns and trends in order to help the department maximize the use of all departmental resources.

Evidence Maintenance
Responsible for maintaining the integrity of property and evidence collected by the department.

Responsible for the classification, storage, and distribution of all police reports.

Code Enforcement
Responsible for to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of citizens by effectively enforcing all adopted codes and regulations. It is our goal to educate the community about local ordinances in order to gain voluntary compliance for the greater good of the community.

Responsible for providing professional, comprehensive supervision to offenders with a dedication to serving the courts.

Office of Professional Standards
Responsible for protecting the integrity of the department through ensuring adherence to ethical standards, performance criteria, and commitment to public service.

Tech Specialist
Responsible for coordinating and maintaining the overall computer systems and wireless communication systems within the department.