Do I need a permit to build a deck?

What kind of development will the Holly Springs Town Center Project be?

What kind of retail shops will be coming to the Town Center?

What is the anticipated start and completion date of the Holly Springs Town Center Project?

Will taxes be going up in order to pay for the development of the Holly Springs Town Center Project?

Since residents will not see an increase in taxes, how will the project be funded?

What is a Tax Allocation District (TAD)?

What are the plans to address the traffic congestion problems in the downtown area?

What is Stormwater and why do we need it in Holly Springs?

It has always rained. Why do we need to pay a fee for stormwater management?

Is Holly Springs the only City that has adopted a Stormwater utility and enacted a user fee?

I have asked the City to address drainage issues on or near my property for some time but nothing has been done. Will you fix the problem now?

I don't have storm sewers serving my property. Why am I being charged this fee?

How was my fee calculated?

What will I get for my money?

Can the Utility Fee be used to fund other programs, like the Police Department?

Are any properties exempt from paying the fee?

We are a property tax-exempt institution. Are we required to pay a Stormwater Utility Fee?

I'm thinking about buying a property and want to know what the annual Fee will be. How can I find that out?

Will the revenue go into the City's general fund?

I wasn't aware that the City was considering this fee. Can you tell me how it was enacted?

How and when will I be billed?

I own several properties. Can my bills be combined into one?

I am retired and leave Holly Springs for extended periods so I disconnect my utilities. Will I still have to pay the stormwater fee?

I rent an apartment or a house. Will I get a bill for the Stormwater Service Fee?

As a landlord, my contract with my renters specifies that they pay utilities. Can you send the bill to them?

Why is the City using the tax bill collection method to collect the stormwater service fee?